Nowadays the band plays in the following line-up:

Knjaz Varggoth - vocals/guitars

Munruthel - drums

Sataroth - keyboards

Saturious - keyboards

Xaarquath - bass

The story started on 31.12.91 with the birth of the band SUPPURATION (Unholy Death Metal). The main members were Knjaz Varggoth, Munruthel & Xaarquath.
SUPPURATION discography:
'92 "Ecclesiastical Blasphemy" (officially sold in 1500 copies, distributed by SHIVER Records in Belgium).
As SATAROTH joined the band in '92 as vocalist they recorded '93 "Unspeakable Journey Into Subconscious World"
In April'93 WORTHERAX (guitar) joined the band.
'93 (May) "Cosmic Flight Around Astralspher" - this demo was supposed to be out as 7"EP on The Final Holocaust Records which was PEACEVILLE branch in Russia......... But the label collapsed and SUPPURATION died with no hopes for future... It was summer'93.
But already in Autumn'93 the new band CRYSTALINE DARKNESS (Black Metal) was brought to life. Line-up included Knjaz Varggoth - voc/guit, Karpath - guit. & Munruthel - drums. Having recorded "Mi Agama Khaz Mifisto" demo the band negotiated with View Beyond Records (Czechia)...
In 1994 former SUPPURATION members got together and recorded demo "Twilightfall" under the name of NOCTURNAL MORTUM (with "C" in the first word). As the band then went into black metal the name suffered change to NOKTURNAL MORTUM (now with "K").
End of '94-'95: Legendary "Lunar Poetry" demo was created and recorded. The MC was released in Spring'96 by MetalAgen Records. Shortly after release WORTHERAX left the band and was replaced by KARPATH. Plus second keyboard player SATURIOUS joined.
Summer'96 - 2nd album "Goat Horns" was recorded (released in Spring'97 by MetalAgen). December'96 - "Return Of The Vampire Lord" EP was recorded. It included brand new title song + 2 songs of CRYSTALINE DARKNESS ("Mi Agama Khaz Mifisto", "Crystaline Darkness"). This EP was supposed to be released by MetalAgen Records as a split-MC with LUCIFUGUM (Ukraine) but the band canceled their relations with that label due to MetalAgen wrong policy. One of the unforgiven points was releasing band songs on two Metal Ballads compilations.
In 1997 NOKTURNAL MORTUM have recorded "To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire" album and "Marble Moon" EP that included Ukrainian folk song "Lastivka". At the same time the band signed with THE END Records (USA) that offered very good conditions and agreed to release all NOKTURNAL MORTUM albums on CDs.
So the first release was "GOAT HORNS"('96) released on the March, 31, 1998. The new album "To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire"('97) is available as of March, 1, 1999.

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