Hi ! I'm Michael "MAIDEN" Smirnoff from Moscow. Once upon a time I made some investigations in the Russian part of The NET to find out if there are any pages describing our Russian Metal scene.
I failed to get any info (such pages were absolutely absent) and decided to make the First One. As you can see I put the message that "this page is under permanent construction". Yes it is ! I plan to support it and manage till my dying day 'cause I want you all to know that Russia means not only Vodka, Coldness, Eltsin and Chechnya but DOZENS OF GREAT BANDS AND THEIR FANS.
I'm sure I can't write about all of them but I will try to promote the best ones. I don't care much about design 'cause I only want to provide information. Everyone of you (whoever you are) can write me if you have any ideas or questions.
Thank you for your support.

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