The band GODS TOWER was formed in 1989 by Alexander Urakoff - guitar and Lesley Knife - vocals. Right until 1992 the band was constructing their own music and style. Line-Up changed frequently. The fundamental line-up was formed in summer of 1992: Alexander Urakoff - guitar, Lesley Knife - vocals, Yuri Sivtsoff - bass, Wladislaw Saltsevich - drums. In August of 1992 the band recorded their debut demo called "Demolition Tape". That time the band name was "Chemical Warfare". The music of that period could be described as death/thrash with gothic doom influence. The demo was reviewed good a lot.
At the end of the year the band name was changed to GODS TOWER and then music started orienting in the vein of pagan gothic/doom metal. At the same time band started using session keyboard players. The second demo called "The Eerie" was released in summer of 1993. This one had a bunch of good reviews in the whole of the world. The music on "The Eerie" sounds like pagan gothic doom metal ornamented with ancient-belarusian folk. Thanks to this release the band got a deal foe 7EP and 2LPs with Moscow recordlabel Final Holocaust Records. In September of the same year the band recorded two songs foe 7EP "Beyond Praying" at Moscow TEF Studio. However this single dud not happen to be released due to the failure of Final Holocaust Records and losing the mastertape... At the same time GODS TOWER gigged a lot with such bands like Zhelezny Potok (Iron Stream), Thrasher, Corpse (R.I.P.), NecroK.I.L.L.Dozer (R.I.P.), Crunch, Pathologist Department, Krabathor etc.
In summer of 1994 the band has invited a second guitarist Al.J.Eristoff. Also the the band made some video for the song "Beyond Praying". In Autumn of 1994 the band recorded the experimental demo "Canticles" that shows band's interest to psychodelic and pagan ritual music. After its recording GODS TOWER went abroad for the first time. They played in Czech Republic together with Purgatory, Desultory, Samael and Cannibal Corpse. During that period (until summer'95 end) band started composing new stuff and gigging in Belarus and Ukraine with Death Vomit, Doppelganger (R.I.P.), Evthanazia, Brainstorm etc. A little earlier in May'95 the permanent keyboard player Dmitry Ovchinnikoff joined the band. In the end of summer'95 Al.J.Eristoff has quit the band.
August-September was a period of recording some new material for promo-tape that reflects the band's evolution. That promo-tape brought a deal with Moscow MetalAgen Records for CD recording. In spring'96 the new material was recorded in Moscow at ARIA Records Studio. Album was released on MC in the beginning of 1997. In May-June of '97 GODS TOWER re-recorded their debut album "The Eerie" at the same studio. The recording is planned to be out on CD. Also they re-recorded the song "Beyond Praying" for the forthcoming compilation. At the same time two songs from the "The Turns"('96) were released on two compilations: "Raising Arrows" - on the "Morbid Noizz vol.2" compilation by Morbid Noizz (Poland) and "The Mysterious" - on the "Immortal Dancing Hits" compilation by MetalAgen/Soyuz (Russia).
During the whole band existence they performed a lot in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Tatarstan, Germany and Moldova with the following bands: Axident, Utopia, Korrozya Metalla (Metal Corrosion), Canonis, Sorroful God, Tales Of Darknord, Detonator, Necromancer, Great Sorrow, Nokturnal Mortum, Mental Home, End Zone, Sieged Mind, Great Gernunnos, Goresleeps, Romantic Sub-V 19/X0 pc, Headcleaner, Insania Trivium, Apaxia, Sermon, Mad Sanity, Exumator, Tornado, Hermh, Krabathor, Vicious Crusade, Fat Not Dead, Greystream, In Flames, Primordial, Behemoth, Bethlehem, Ancient Ceremony, Pavor, Desaster, Crystal Age, Inqusitor etc.
CD "The Turns" and MC/CD "The Eerie" will see the light in Autumn'97 on MetalAgen/Soyuz Records. The band is also negotiating about re-releasing those albums in Europe.
At the moment the band is composing the new stuff for the new album with a temporary title "Steel Says Last" and heavily into gigging.

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