Immortal Dancing Hits - Golden Ballads & Instrumentals

1.Intro - Goresleeps
2.My heart Is In The Grave - Angels & Demons
3.The Castle Of Woman Of Mine - End Zone
4.After The Battle - In Folio
5.From Ancient The Ages - Sieged Mind
6.The Wanderer - Great Sorrow
7.Winter Saga - Succubus
8.Heart Of The Spring - Adolf Castle
9.Suicide - Melissa
10.The Euphoria - Mental Home
11.Barbarian Dreams - Nokturnal Mortum
12.Flesh Without Bone - Epilepsy Bout
13.I Know - In Folio
14.Desolation - Skythrone
15.Sanctuary - Sieged Mind
16.Mysterious - Gods Tower
17.Epitaph - Succubus
18.Nameless City - Goresleeps
19.Outro - Mental Home

OK. Here it is at last... All in RealAudio 28.8 Stereo right from the CD! Not the whole songs are here - I put about 2 minutes of every song.
So if you like it - contact me to get. Attention USA people - we got our distributor right there in the States!

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